Arthritis: Discovering Natural Solutions

Arthritis: Discovering Natural Solutions

By Liana Weinstein LMT/ Founder of Conscious Times Topicals


Arthritis is the swelling of one or more joints creating stiffness, lack of movement and pain. Connective tissues, such as cartilage, that surround joints naturally break down. Over time, our joints naturally wear and tear due to digestive health (poor diet), ageing, repetitive motion, injuries, genetics and more. Symptoms can range from moderate discomfort to severe tenderness making it difficult to perform tasks that were once easily fulfilled.

Rheumatic and Osteoarthritis are two of over 100 different types of arthritis affecting about 23% of the United States population.

We would love to have an “easy fix situation”, this is simply not the case. Synthetic nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories such as Advil and Ibuprofen (or more powerful medications like Humira and Hydroxychloroquine) can cause greater internal damage than they fix. Prolonged use not only negatively impacts parts of the body (liver and kidneys) but also disrupts the body as a whole, destroying our digestive system and immune system leading to further breakdown of our tissues. To disregard long-term care for a “quick fix” will disable the body from healing by itself.

Modalities including supplements, acupuncture, stem cells, massage, stretching/strengthening exercises may help bring ease to certain movements however, there is no cure for rehabilitating broken down joints.

A topical comes in handy when needing something fast and easy to use. Conscious Times Topicals provides a unique Joint Relief Blend formula, encouraging the body to find relaxation and efficient relief as a plant based pharmacon. Joint Relief Blend was formulated specifically for people who suffer from stiffness or welling in their joints. Research for each oil is based on its capability to permeate the joint capsule, bring blood flow and heat to the area, and its effectiveness to absorb and work quickly.

Arnica Montana contains helenalin, making it an effective anti-inflammatory when used topically. Neem oil and calendula are documented to be used in treating lower back/hip pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. CBD is a fast-growing medicine, working through the endocannabinoid  system to diminish inflammation and rid the body of free radicals. Cooling wintergreen merges with lemongrass and frankincense essential oils, driving down inflammation. Other essential oils such as juniper berry and black pepper offer antioxidant, immune health and antibacterial assets.

The properties of each ingredient have a deep cellular reaction and safety concern is low considering it is a natural remedy free of fillers and harmful substances.

Using combinations of self-care and plant-based assistance will dramatically improve our well-being. When we are able to consider how our joints and tissues heal, we can then continue to maintain and live a full and fruitful life overflowing with options.

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