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Our mindfulness gemstone bracelet is the perfect accessory for those seeking to cultivate inner peace and balance. Made with high-quality, natural gemstones. This bracelet is designed to help bring clarity to the mind and promote overall well-being. Each gemstone on the bracelet has its own unique properties and offers its own benefits.

The bracelet itself is made with durable, elastic cord that easily fits any wrist size. Its simple design allows it to be worn every day, as a powerful reminder to remain grounded and centered. Whether you're headed to work, to yoga class, or just around town, our mindfulness gemstone bracelet is the perfect accessory to help you stay present and mindful throughout the day.

Citrine- Manifestation + Light

Citrine is a powerful stone for supporting us to achieve goals, transforming dreams into reality. It is known for its ability to bring light, happiness and abundance into our lives. Citrine can also help you attract wealth, prosperity, and all things good. Use citrine to draw your desires to you like a magnet!