Clear Quartz + Lava Stone Gemstone Bracelet

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Clear Quartz- Clarity + Creativity

Known as the master healer. This stone amplifies energy and oens thoughts. Assisting  to develop inner self and connection to the universe beyond self. Clear quartz amplifies the energy level of any other gemstone it touches, making it ideal to pair with other stones. 


Lava stone- Courage + Energy

Commonly known for their diffuser usage. Add a drop of essential oil and the bead absorbs it, giving long lasting aromatherapy benefits! 

Associated with the Earth and Fire elements, Lava stone is considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding of unneeded layers of emotional attachment. This stone is known for igniting kundalini, also known as our human innate energy.  Lava stone is a great option for calming emotions, leaving you with the ability to stabilize and ground yourself. 


Hematite (spacer beads)-Grounding

This is the ultimate grounding stone for the body. Hematite eliminates any negative energy in the body, leading you to feel more balanced, calm, and centered. It is also known for its protective qualities and is a great stone to carry with you to stay grounded while in difficult situations.